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Green for Life Foundation (G4L) began in 2011 with the objective of identifying and promoting activities which improve and protect the ecology of Planet Earth and our fragile environment.

Our organisation is a trust, with its main office at Kolkata (Calcutta), India. We are fully committed to our mission of encouraging society to think and act green... in fact, to be Green for Life, so that human activities are in harmony with the natural order, rather than acting as disrupting forces.

General Objectives
- Awareness and education of the public on environmental issues
- Changing mind sets and creating eco-friendly habits in people, especially the youth
- Taking part in and organising campaigns which aim at creating sustainable lifestyles and reducing environmental degradation
- Promoting sustainable agriculture
- Promoting Green technologies, such as solar
- Assistance to eco-friendly organisations to help them reach their goals.
- Collaboration with eco-friendly organisations who aim to make a difference.

Specific Objectives
- Documentation and visibility for Environmental issues and events through publications and campaigns
- Outreach programmes, festivals and workshops in schools and colleges to Green young minds
- Training programmes to teach recycling and other Green techniques
- Organic farming as a proof of principal, research and training facility, seed diversity projects.
- Research and development of Solar cookers, Solar coolers, Waste composters, HPV/NMT, etc; for rural and urban use
- Promoting eco-friendly products, services and events through certification.

Coordination Office:
89D Shakespeare Sarani
Kolkata 700017
WB, India
Ph: +91 33 40003930
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Interview of Aparajita Sengupta,
organic farmer and activist.
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